Spending and Budget

Illinois is drowning in debt, and our elected officials want to raise taxes on Illinois families to solve the problems they created. Our current representatives lack the courage and wisdom to seek permanent solutions to systemic problems. Runaway debt is going to leave our children with less opportunities and continue to squeeze middle class families. Furthermore, our unsustainable debt level has become increasingly more expensive thanks to the 17 credit rating downgrades since the Great Recession.  

Our current representative is holding our state budget hostage in order to curry favor with party bosses and special interests. The 76th district deserves a representative who is willing to work with both political parties and seek common ground. We need a balanced budget to prevent a massive tax hike and ensure vital services continue. 

Every household in our district needs to balance their checkbook. You simply can’t continue spending more than you’re bringing in without significant consequences. House Speaker Mike Madigan’s only solution to balance the budget is through a burdensome tax hike on the backs of working families. I know  the best way to raise revenues is to bring new jobs and broaden our tax base. If we are able to promote growth policies, which creates more taxpayers, while also eliminating government waste and inefficiencies, we will be able to balance our budget and restore fiscal sanity to the state of Illinois.