Jobs and the Economy

For years, Illinois has tried to tax and spend its way to prosperity, and it hasn’t worked. Illinois’ chief export has become our college graduates, and families who do stay have less opportunity and stagnant wages. Property taxes and the cost of living continue to rise while incomes stay the same. As both a union worker and a small business owner, I understand the squeeze families feel today and the challenging environment crippling business.

In order for Illinois Valley families to have access to good-paying, quality jobs, we have to change the way Springfield conducts its business. Period. Springfield’s dysfunction has caused major employers to relocate to neighboring states and has deprived smaller businesses of the confidence required to expand.  

We are facing a simple choice. Do we continue to overtax and overregulate, and hang a sign that reads “going out of business”? Do we continue to export our jobs and our children to states with more opportunity? Or do we pave a new direction lifting the burden Springfield places on our communities and hanging a sign that instead reads “open for business”? The answer is simple. In order for working families to get a head in our state, we must promote economic growth.